This is a little thank you to those people who over the years have been my guiding lights, influencers, trainers, support network & downright inspirational !

Jean Stewart-Smith

My first, ever classical sing teacher, who didn’t keep me long & on retiring passed me along to the sadly departed, Derek Marshall. What a stroke!

Derek Marshall

My first, true, classical singing teacher. A wonderfully funny man, with musicianship that blew my mind. This man really cemented my resolve to make singing my career.

Brian Humpherson

Mr. H – My high school music teacher. A true gent with enormous desire to not just teach, but to listen & play any music of any genre. And he’s still at it …

Graham Collier

Director of the Royal Academy of Music jazz course. I auditioned, he let me in, & I thrived with his guidance.

Norna Winstone

What an amazing woman with an exquisite voice. I’d never heard a voice such as hers before. She has taught me so much about singing & how to handle being a singer.

Hugh Fraser

I don’t think I’ll ever again meet such a colossus!

Unbelievable in everything that he taught, composed & performed. (with a little bit of crazy thrown in for a laugh!)

Dennis Collopy

In an industry where honesty & trust is paramount for an artist but seldom found, Dennis is my Super-Rock!

Jonny Machin

One of few musicians I know whose musical wavelength was, like mine. From the minute we first played together, from teenage-hood until his passing in 2018, he was my musical muse.


‘Betty” to those who loved her. And I really loved her. Love & loyalty beyond measure…